About Us


Vision: Your inside informant

Mission: To be your legal inside trader, your first course of due-diligence and counterpart in conducting business in some of the most far-reaching investment destinations in the world



The slogan says it all. Our intention is to offer investment insights into some of the most far reaching destinations in the world.

But for a more exact definition: We conduct research and develop business intelligence data in the Commonwealth of Independent States and its surrounding countries. Gathering information through public diplomacy activities, CEO interviews and business community networking, with the objective of presenting the final results to select investors in the United States of America.

Moreover, we are selective in who this material reaches. We understand that our client countries place a lot of faith in our reports and their ability to generate US investment interest. As such, you will not find access to this report on your local news stand; simply because not everyone is qualified to invest at the global level. We aren’t looking for “window-shoppers”, we require real interest.

Our strategy and core motivating factor for growth is as follows: We aim to facilitate our growth commensurate with the growth established within client countries as a direct result of our in-country reporting. In short, for us at The American Times, it is about Quality not Quantity.


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