Doing Business Macedonia (FYROM)

The American Times and World Bank Doing Business 2013 series

The American Times Presents the World Bank Doing Business Macedonia 2013 report.



Where does the economy stand today?

What is the administrative burden of complying with taxes in Macedonia, FYR—and how much do firms pay in taxes? On average, firms make 29 tax payments a year, spend 119 hours a year filing, preparing and paying taxes and pay total taxes amounting to 9.4% of profit (see the summary at the end of this chapter for details).

Globally, Macedonia, FYR stands at 24 in the ranking of 185 economies on the ease of paying taxes (figure 8.1). The rankings for comparator economies and the regional average ranking provide other useful information for assessing the tax compliance burden for businesses in Macedonia, FYR.

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*source: page 68: Macedonia World Bank Doing Business Report – 2013