From Prague to Tbilisi

The American Times presents: Mr. Andreas Heidingsfelder, GM of the SHERATON METECHI PALACE HOTEL in Tbilisi who enlightens us with his perspective as an expatriated expat; from Prague to Tbilisi


What began as a “normal” interview with a hotel GM quickly turned into a person’s perspective of life in a new city. Andreas Heidingsfelder just happens to be the man in charge of Tbilisi’s oldest brand name hotel – The Sheraton Metechi Palace. The grand and well serviced hotel was established here in 1991. The hotel of course, offers the high standard amenities that one would expect from the Sheraton brand, and as the local ambassador, Mr. Heidingsfelder maintains that value to the highest level.



Taking the position as General Manager less than a year ago from his previous post at Sheraton- Prague I felt compelled to ask him, well, why? Why move from one of the most beloved cities in Europe to the comparatively young and un – established market of Tbilisi, Georgia? The answer was quite simple: The People. Not just the people that frequent this hotel, but the people of Tbilisi, the people that staff the hotel. The latter being the primary factor, with many employees being with the Sheraton Metechi for over 10 years and counting.


This type of loyalty, you cannot buy; the brand and the management have to be the driving force behind it and in return the employees are steadfast and dedicated to the hotel, the brand and the guests. These characteristics spill outside of the workplace as well.


From an expatriates point of view Mr. Heidingsfelder has zero regrets in the decision to come here; a more common outcome than one may imagine when they think of Tbilisi. The point is, there are places that are well discovered and well exploited, like Prague, and justifiably so; but then there comes a time to discover new realms of opportunity that remain untapped. Mr. Heidingsfelder has discovered just that here in Tbilisi.



The ability to experience the future comes from first visiting a place with a tremendous past. Fortunately for you when you visit The Sheraton Metechi Palace you get both access to one of the finest hotel brands and oldest in the city, as well as direct access to a market that represents tremendous business opportunity for the future through its determined past.



Address: 20 Telavi Street, 0103, Tbilisi
Phone: (995)(32) 2772020